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ISBN 978-0-9654360-9-0
Dimensions: 8" x 10"
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The Pancake Tree

Jacky Turchick
and Laurie Melrood
Illustrator - Emma Huang

Cover & Book Designer
Alicja Mann

Published by
Word Studio
Falmouth, Massachusetts
Tucson, Arizona

Jacky Turchick
Jacky Turchick
Laurie Melrood
Laurie Melrood
Emma Huang
Emma Huang
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The Pancake Tree

Jacky Turchick and Laurie Melrood
Illustrator - Emma Huang

About the Book

The Pancake Tree is a whimsical and, at the same time, educational book for children ages 3 and up. It is also a great tool for their parents, grandparents, and other adults assisting the young ones in their reading and learning.

The discovery that the pancake tree is in fact a mesquite tree that lives in the backyards of the Southwest is a crucial point of the story.

For ages the mesquite tree has been cherished by Native Americans of the Southwest as a great resource of food. Learning about the nature of that tree is the true goal of the book.

A few simple recipes are included for fun cooking using pods and flour of the mesquite tree.

This is the latest book published by Word Studio and will debut at the 2014 Tucson Festival of Books (15th &16th of March at the University of Arizona mall).

About the Authors

Jacky Turchick enjoyed sharing books with young children about their desert home while working in the Catalina School District. However, she could not find a book about the mesquite tree so prominent in the Southwest. Now being a grandma of three, she is sharing what she had learned by telling this story about one of the magnificent trees of the desert.

Emma Huang received her Bachelorís of Art from the University of Arizona in 2005. She creates illustrations in watercolors, as well as oil paintings. Some of her themes include scenes in nature and fantasy characters.

Laurie Melrood teaches and demonstrates the wonders of velvet and honey mesquite trees to children and adults in the southern Arizona area. She is an associate of Desert Harvesters.

About the Publisher

Word Studio is an independent, award-winning publishing company located in Tucson, Arizona. It focuses on works that are of a reflective, personal nature, and produces books that are artistically designed with high quality printing.

Other books published by Word Studio include: Son of Mashpee, The Onset Review, Undaunted Tales, Champagne Wishes, She, Looking at the World Twice, On Your Toes, and MID.

The company is owned and directed by Alicja Mann, a writer, photographer, and designer residing in Tucson, Arizona.

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