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Undaunted Tales

Non-Scientific Adventures of Seagoing Scientists

Merton Ingham

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Merton Ingham

Undaunted Tales
Non-Scientific Adventures of Seagoing Scientists

Merton Ingham

About the Book

If you wonder what it is like to be at sea on a scientific research vessel traveling to distant places and what unexpected situations might be encountered, this book is for you!

The experiences described in Undaunted Tales are true and were held in the author's memory for about twenty years until he decided to share them with others in the form of short stories.

In the thirteen separate but interrelated stories of Undaunted Tales, Merton Ingham takes the reader to the tropical Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and nearby ports of call, revealing the human and often humorous side of the lives of seagoing scientists.

About the Author

Merton "Mert" Ingham has worn many hats in his life. He has been a logger, a construction laborer, a teacher and, for most of his career, an oceanographer. He received his Ph.D. in Oceanography in 1966 from Oregon State University and was employed for 27 years by various agencies of the U.S. government. While being a scientist he has studied and traveled the ocean from the equatorial Atlantic to the Arctic. Although Dr. Ingham is the author or co-author of numerous scientific publications, this book is his debut in popular literature.

Mert Ingham retired from science in 1992 and has recently settled on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. He lives with his wife, Barbara, in South Dennis, where he enjoys gardening, painting, and writing.

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