Design Services

Flower Power Word Studio display ad.

Successful ads written and designed by Alicja Mann of Word Studio have been published in a variety of environmental trade journals such as Environmental Protection, Pollution Engineering, Soils, Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation, Environmental Solutions, Water & Waste Digest, Pollution Equipment News, Econ, Remediation National Drillers, Environmental Technology, and others.

Many brochures, informational sheets, booklets and ad cards have been created and published by Word Studio for private businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Collection of brochures

Word Studio specializes in cover design.

Son of Mashpee KVA Equipment MID The Pancake Tree Looking at the World Twice She Wampanoag Cooking A Cup of Sky Undaunted Tales Onset Review Champagne Wishes On Your Toes Silver Pinyon front cover Silver Pinyon back cover I'm a Little Bit Famous